Services Žabník


The main advantage of building Žabník is its own parking place of 200 m2. Therefore it is possible to leave your means of transport safely under the windows of leased flat or office-business space, in the area of the building Žabník.

Internet and landline

Successful businessman has to be reachable every minute. Therefore we provide you with high speed internet connection and possibility to connect landline. It is only up to you if you will buy internet connection or landline. We care for high quality of these services which help you to develop your business.


Your safety and protection of your property is our priority. From this reason our building Žabník is protected by security device. Using of this modern devices allows to our lessees also unlimited working hours. Building is not closed at specific time and you do not have to leave our building.

Separate electrometer

Our intent is to behave to our lessees honestly and transparently. To fulfil this aim it is very important to make necessary data accessible to our lessees which will help them to record future expenses. Each space of the building Žabník has its own separate electrometer and allows you its regular control.

Lease length

Your decision relating to length of lease (short, long) is not restricted by us. It is only up to you what lease you will require.

Postal services

To save your time we provide for you postal services. You may take your post from your post box situated on the ground floor of the building Žabník. You may avoid long waiting at the post office and spend your time more effectively.

Sanitary facility

Each floor of building Žabník is equipped by spatial sanitary facility the purity of which we provide every day. They are suitable for flats as well as for office-business premises.

Objekt má vlastnú parkovaciu plochu o rozlohe 200 m2 priamo v areáli objektu

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