In these days to have a car is not comfort but necessity. Businessman has to move from place to place to its customers or business partners many hours. Therefore it is very useful to have your means of transport at hand. For this purpose you may use parking place distant approximately 20 metres from our building Newblock. Here you may safely put aside your means of transport in the city centre Prievidza. Due to new regulations issued by the city Prievidza, each parking place is charged. Lessee of our building may at this parking place apply reduced parking fee.

Wheelchair access and modern lift

Important and above standard service which we offer is wheelchair access to our building Newblock with modern spatial lift which is also able to immobile persons. We try to provide access to all floors of our building Newblock to every lessee and its customers. Important condition of successful business is personal contact with customers. It is rule that more customers will be in contact with you, your business may develop faster, and thus we provide light and spatial common space in our building Newblock.

Safety at the first place

Your safety and protection of your property is our priority. From this reason our building Newblock is protected by security device and camera system. Security device allows recording of working hours and so you may quickly check where your employees spent their working hours.
Using of this modern devices allow to our lessees also unlimited working hours. Building is not closed at specific time and you do not have to leave our building.

Internet and landline

Successful businessman has to be reachable every minute. Therefore we provide you with high speed optical internet connection and possibility to connect landline.
It is only up to you if you will buy internet connection or landline. We care about high quality of these services which help you to develop your business.

Separate electrometer

Our intent is to behave to our lessees honestly and transparently. To fulfil this aim it is very important to make necessary data accessible to our lessees which will help them to record future expenses.
Each space of the building Newblock has its own separate electrometer and allows you its regular control.

Variability of offered premises and other services

Every businessman has different vision about its future office-business premises. Someone needs space of 14,5m2 but other needs space of 105 m2. Therefore our building allows wide variability of each office-business space. Do not hesitate to contact us and ask if we may model space of your vision. We offer spaces from 14,5m2 to 430 m2.

Postal services

To save your time we provide you also with postal services. You may take your post from your post box situated on the ground floor of the building Newblock. You may avoid long waiting at the post office and spend your time more effectively.

Lease length

Your decision relating to length of lease (short, long) is not restricted by us. It is only up to you what lease you will require.

Sanitary facility

Each floor of building Newblock is equipped by spatial sanitary facility the purity of which we provide every day. Purity of these premises makes comfortable environment for lessees and their customers.

On each floor there is also sanitary facility for immobile persons

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